Swan’s story made me cry. She was nervous at first, unsure about how comfortable she would feel in lingerie since she wasn’t used to it, but by the second outfit she was strutting out of the changing room feeling comfortable and sexy. The transformation was phenomenal- watching her laugh and enjoy herself and then walking […]

From nervous to fearless: Swan’s story

March 23, 2023

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary! When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions. So here is a list of my most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session with me! Our number 1 priority making sure our clients […]

Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Question about Boudoir Photography

February 22, 2023

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words why I shoot boudoir photography. To me, it is so much more than photos. It’s about self-acceptance, body positivity, and art. It is about getting glammed up and laughing your butt off. It’s about the transformation that takes place between the time you walk in my […]

Why Boudoir Photography?

February 21, 2023

The Mobile App is such a fun and unique offering from our studio!! While we truly appreciate the impact that physical prints have, we also realize that we live in the 21st century and people love technology and convenience. That’s where the Mobile App comes in! The Mobile App is something we offer our clients […]

Why We LOVE Our Mobile App!

December 22, 2022

This group is for all of our favorite clients to keep them up to date with model calls, specials, and giveaways! This is a beautiful empowerment bubble and my safe place.

We are over 2k strong and I'd love for you to join in on all of the boudoir fun!